In a Dark, Dark Wood

In a Dark, Dark WoodIn a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware
Published by Harvill Secker on July 30th 2015
Pages: 352
ISBN: 1846558913
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This book was very gripping. It grabbed me right away and did not let go. It held my attention throughout the book. It was a real page turner.

Lenora (a.k.a. Lee, Leo & Nora) has not spoken to her childhood best friend, Clare, for 10 years. She receives an email inviting her to her Clare’s hen weekend. She is hesitant to go but agrees to finally do so when a mutual friend, Nina, also agrees to go as well.

The hen weekend takes place at a home in the woods that seems very out of place – as out of place as Nora feels when she learns who her friend is marrying. The house and the woods provide the perfect setting for the mystery that unfolds in this book.

The atmosphere, the house, the bad cell reception, the creepy and on edge host all set the stage for the weekend that takes place in a house in the dark, dark wood.

Most of the book takes place during the hen weekend but there are glimpses back into Nora and Clare’s younger years. It shows their relationship (or Nora’s perception of it).

Soon the Nina and Nora feel they have had enough and both want to leave but by then it is to late.

This book is a mystery and I put my detective hat on to try and determine who died. We know someone died. We know right away at the beginning of the book as Nora wakes up in a hospital room with police outside her door. But what happened? This was a page turner for me. I really like how the story unfolded. We are given little clues that I realized were there after I finished the book. I thought I knew who died. I was wrong. I thought I knew who the killer was and I was right but not for the reasons I thought I was right. There is a “reveal” at the end and I did not see that coming. The Author even had me second guess myself briefly.

If you like mysteries, I recommend this one.


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