HopelessHopeless (Hopeless, #1) by Colleen Hoover
on December 19th 2012
Pages: 410
ISBN: 1301949825
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Sometimes the truth will set you free….but at what cost?

Seventeen year old Sky meets Dean Holder while shopping in a local pharmacy. He immediately follows her to the parking lot and asks if he knows her and even checks her I.D. She reminds her of someone and for Sky, she finds Dean to be attractive. Both Sky and Dean have reputations in town. She is known as the town slut and he is known as the guy who beat up someone so bad he is deaf in one ear.

They meet up again while running and for some time decide to run together. Holder is very interested in her and learning about her. Isn’t it strange that she does not have a smart phone or access to the internet. Why does Holder get angry when he sees her wearing a bracelet?

Both of these characters are likeable. Sky is sassy, sarcastic and seems unaffected when people leave nasty notes at her locker. She may have kissed a lot of guys but that’s it. She has a close best friend and a strict but loving Mother. She does have questions about her past and why her father put her up for adoption but overall she is a happy teenage girl.

Holder is the classic, dark broody teenager boy with anger issues. He has suffered a loss in his life and his reaction that has affected how he relates to others. He comes off as a tough guy at first but he is really a sweet caring person underneath. He has a secret but does not know how to proceed forward with it.

Holder and Sky made a nice couple but there is a secret between them. A secret that could change everything. I really enjoyed this book. I like how Colleen Hoover writes characters are easy to care about. I rooted for these two couples the entire way. They help each other heal past wounds and when the secrets start coming up they do not let the secrets destroy them as a couple. As I mentioned there are secrets in this book and there is a big REVEAL which I was not expecting when makes the book even better.

I found this to be a very enjoyable fast read that pulls on the heartstrings and emotions.


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