Good Behavior

Good BehaviorGood Behavior by Blake Crouch
Published by Thomas & Mercer on November 15th 2016
Pages: 288
ISBN: 1503940497
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Blake Crouch does not disappoint. Good behavior is actually three Novellas: The Pain of Others, Sunset Key, and The Grab. But this book is not just a combination of these three Novellas. This book is about the writing process and the new show coming out called “Good Behavior” Blake Crouch writes about his character Letty, collaborating with Chad Hodge, co-writing the script for the television show and was their collaborative process.

The Pain of others begins with Letty starting anew after her incarceration. She no longer has custody of her young child and has a on again off again drug problem. She is also a thief. She is currently working a hotel, entering hotel rooms in order to steal from the occupants when an occupant comes back early and she hears about an upcoming crime. At what point does a criminal herself draw the line? Letty has found hers and decides to intervene. But she learns maybe sticking your nose in other people’s business may not be the best solution.

In Sunset Key, we see Letty has fallen apart, she is using and has not eaten in days. She is given an opportunity to make some money. In order to do so, she needs to get herself together and literally and figuratively clean up her act. She is hired to spend time with a wealthy man who is scheduled to report to jail the next day. She is supposed to rob him and meet her handler at a rendezvous point. But what happens when she is double crossed and the tables have turned on her. This, by the way, was my favorite of the Novellas. I also really liked how Crouch shared how he came up with the story.

In the Grab, Letty has decided to go visit her son on the west coast. While traveling across county, she is approached about joining a team that has plans to pull off a casino heist. She decides to join them and make some money before traveling on to see her son. While in Las Vegas, she sees her drug counselor who appears to have hit rock bottom himself. She finds herself trying to help him as he has helped her while participating in the heist. Once again this is a story where Letty learns that not everyone is as they seem, double crosses happen and allegiances are made.

This is a very fast based book to read as it contains novellas. All are full of action and dialogue which makes the stories fast paced. I enjoyed them. This is a perfect introduction to the character of Letty and a lead in to the television show. It is also nice to read Crouch’s thoughts on his character, how he writes, where he gets ideas and what goes into writing a script.

This book also serves as a nice introduction to Blake Crouch’s writing for those who have not read a Blake Crouch book (btw shame on your for not reading Crouch before!). This is not a typical Blake Crouch book but once again allows his storytelling to shine.


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