The Girl in the Tower: A Novel

The Girl in the Tower: A NovelThe Girl in the Tower: A Novel (The Winternight Trilogy #2) by Katherine Arden
Published by Del Rey on December 5th 2017
Pages: 352
ISBN: 1101885963
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The Girl in the Tower is the second book in the Winternight Trilogy (first book being “The Bear and the Nightingale”). This book sees our heroine,Vasya, attempting to survive alone after her father’s death. It is medieval Russia and a lone woman has few choices: enter a convent or get married. Wanting neither option, Vasya turns to Morozko for assistance. Morozko is “Frost” a winter demon who cannot die (or can he?). He helped her in the first book in the series and there appeared to be an inkling of romance there. Hmmmm will we see more of that in this book????

Vasya sets off on her trusted Stallion, Solovey, who can understand her when she speaks and who can speak to her, for Moscow. Knowing she will not be safe traveling alone as a woman, she disguises herself as a man and sets forth on her journey. In Moscow, the reader gets to be reacquainted with Vasyas’s sister, Olga and her brother Sasha. Through Sasha we learn about a team of bandits who have been terrorizing villagers and kidnapping girls to sell as slaves. We also meet Vasya’s cousin Dmitri – The Grand Prince of Moscow. He considers Vasya to be a hero after her fight with bandits. There is one who does not see Vasya as a hero – that being the evil priest. But enough about him.

This story/trilogy based on Russian Folklore/Fairy tales is addicting. It could go off the rails with Vasya being able to see creatures that no one else can see and having the ability to communicate with them but it does not. All of this works in this book. What does not work for me? The lack of Morozko in this book. Yes, Yes, I know he is in it. But can I be honest? I love his character. I wanted more of him. I love how he shows up to help Vasya when he can. I love the hint of romance. How they each read the other person and his/her attentions completely wrong. There were times that I wanted to shake both of them. I wanted more and got less. But there is a third book in this series and I feel that not everything is finished where these two are concerned. This is a fairy tale and things are not always as they seem so I will anxiously wait to read the last book to learn what course Vasya’s life takes. I did enjoy learning of their “connection” and why they are drawn to each other. I also hope to see Vasya come more into her own, mature more and grow as a person.

If you have not read the first book in the series (The Bear and the Nightingale), I recommend reading that book prior to reading this one.

Winter is coming and what a wonderful book to read on a cold, long night. I think it is safe to say that there is a little bit of magic in this book!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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