Future Failure 1: The Gore Lounge

Future Failure 1: The Gore LoungeFuture Failure 1: The Gore Lounge by Grant Foxon
Published by Smashwords Edition on September 16th 2014
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The gore lounge is not a book that I would normally read. I generally do not read books in this genre because well – I am not quite sure what the genre is. Is it horror? Yes, Is it about the apocalypse? Is it a political commentary? Is it science fiction? Is it speculative fiction? Most likely it is speculative fiction more than anything else.

This book is bizarre but I believe it is written to be that way. A lot of creative thinking and imagination went into the writing of this book. Although it was not a book that I would normally read, it gets points for being creative and strangely engaging. Books that are too far off the beaten path or too bizarre are not really my cup of tea, but I found that although this book was bizarre, I had to keep reading to see where the Author was going with his story. There is definitely an audience for this book. While reading this book, I thought of another Author who writes bizarre, creative and somewhat disturbing books (Wol-vriey). I think fans of his will enjoy this Author’s book much more than I did.

The Author has created a world where serial killers are in charge and running things. Where people are voluntarily killed and eaten on a game show by zombies as a form of entertainment. Where a disturbed show producer clones himself and a popular show host finds love, or is it just lust, with a child killer. The book has various parts and I found the first part to be my favorite part.

Strange? Yes! The world is being overtaken by zombies and there are those looking to make a profit on it and use the demise of civilization as a form of entertainment.

I think this book will be best enjoyed by those who enjoy a blending of genres, who like a little humor with their horror, some bizarre and crazy with their fiction.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


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