FracturedFractured (Will Trent, #2) by Karin Slaughter
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 388
ISBN: 0385341954
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This is the second in the Will Trent series. In this one, Will Trent is called in to investigate the murder of a teenager girl. Upon finding her daughter dead, her Mother attacks who she believes to be her daughter’s killer. It is also discovered that the missing girls father, knew Trent growing up.

Not everything is as it seems and we learn that one girl is dead while another is missing. Will and his new partner, Faith are working against the clock to find the missing teen.

I liked the character of Faith, who has a sort of past with Trent. Their interactions as first are hostile and apologetic. As the investigation goes on, we see Faith begin to warm up to Trent.

Trent is still with on again off again girlfriend Angie. I hope he begins to wise up. He is so smart in many areas of his life and yet he keeps repeating the same mistake over and over again. He also seems to be stuck with his dyslexia, hiding it form his peers, ashamed and afraid of what they will think of him. He continues to awkward but the more we (I) learn about him, the more likable he becomes.

The story is good and solid in this book. Like an onion this book has many layers and once peeled back, the story comes full swing.


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