For Reasons Unknown

For Reasons UnknownFor Reasons Unknown (DCI Matilda Darke, #1) by Michael Wood
Published by HarperCollins on October 1st 2015
Pages: 244
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4.5 stars

For Reasons Unknown, I did not know this series existed until recently, and now I am hooked!!!! I’ll be devouring the following books in this series as fast as I can get my hands on them!

DCI Matilda Darke has returned to work after a 9-month absence. She is disappointed to lean she will not be returning quite yet to her former position but will be re-opening a cold case. DCI Darke, is a complex and flawed woman. She is battling some demons and after some time away from her job, is attempting to get back to work. The cold case she is given is that of the Harkness family murders. Twenty years ago, Miranda and Stefan Harkness, were brutally murdered in their home. Their son, Jonathan, was home at the time, but too traumatized to speak. Now the home where the family lived is being demolished, the police have decided to look at his case one last time. DCI Darke’s interest in the cold case has some characters in this book nervous.

Jonathan, the sole survivor from that murderous night, is now living alone and working in a bookstore. He has formed a friendship with his neighbor, Maun Barrington but otherwise he is quiet and keeps to himself. He is content to live a quiet life, but now that his former home has been demolished and his parent’s murder case has been re-opened, he is finally forced to talk to officials about his past. Then a dead body is found – a body which may have ties to the Harkness murders. Aaaah the plot thickens!

This book is full of interesting characters – some with secrets, some hidden agendas, etc. This is a police procedural with a female protagonist dealing with her own personal issues, a hostile co-worker, the investigation of a cold case all the while being prodded by her friend to get her act together. There are several twists, turns and revelations which kept me turning the pages. I loved that there was never a dull moment, which kept the pace up and me guessing as to what happened in the home that night. Who had motive? Who had it in for this family?

I also liked how certain “truths” about other minor characters came to life in this book. I always love putting on my super sleuth hat and trying to figure out whodunit.

Well written, captivating with complex characters, this book was a I-can’t-put-this-book-down for me!


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