Finding Hope

Finding HopeFinding Hope by Colleen Nelson
Published by Dundurn on March 19th 2016
Pages: 200
ISBN: 1459732456
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Received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wowza this book is small in terms of pages but HUGE in terms of subject matter. If you are looking for a light YA book, this is not the book for you. This book deals with sexual abuse, bullying, mean pranks and drug addiction.

In Finding Hope, Colleen Nelson tells the story of two siblings: Hope and Eric. The book is told through both of their points of view. This really worked for me. I liked how we learn about each characters thoughts and emotions. Their story unravels at a good pace using this technique. Their POV chapters show how they relate to not only to each other but also how they relate to those around them. The POV chapteers also give the reader a glimpse into a drug addicts mind and also into the mind of their loved ones. I found that Eric’s POV chapters were the most moving due in part, to them being more troubling and heartbreaking.

Hope is a young girl who is accepted into Ravenhurst, a private boarding school that she views as a ticket out of her small town. It is also her Mother’s dream for her. She is an avid poetry writer, who uses poetry as an outlet for her innermost thoughts and feelings. In her public school, she felt like an outside who never fit in. At Ravenhurst, she jumps at the chance at acceptance, even if that acceptance is by the “mean” girls at the school.

Eric, once a talented Hockey player is a Meth Addict always looking for the next score. He wasn’t always an addict. He was once a good looking talented teenager with a talent for playing Hockey. What could have possibly happened to change his life so drastically. It doesn’t take long to figure out as the Author gives us hints and clues along the way thorough Eric’s point of view.

This book was very good and I really enjoyed the poetry. I loved how it added to the story. It was a very good reflection on Hope’s feeling and emotions. The ending did not feel rushed and it was nice to see that both characters found some “hope” at the end.

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