Finding Claire

Finding ClaireFinding Claire (Hill Country Secrets, #1) by Pamela Humphrey
Published by Phrey Press on December 5th 2016
Pages: 280
ISBN: 0996877053
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A woman wakes up alone in the back of a van. She does not remember who she is or how she got there. She is finally able to escape and finds herself at the Cabin of a man named Alex. She tells him she has been kidnapped and her kidnappers are pursuing her. Alex brings her in, gets her medical treatment and calls the police.

Slowly she begins to remember bits and pieces of her past. She begins to be called Rainy by Alex. Since she feels safe with Alex, after receiving medical treatment, she goes back to Alex’s cabin to stay with him. She slowly tries to piece together who she is and what happened the night she was kidnapped. Alex attempts to assist her, but he is also dealing with his own personal loss. He has retreated to his cabin to morn a loss and having Rainy there stirs memories, but also helps him make attempts to move on. The entire time, there is the threat that the kidnappers will find her.

The book is also laced with letters written by a Mother intended for her kidnapped daughter, Claire. I thought this was a very nice touch. The book is told both in the present day but also told in the past. The story in the past is the story of the woman whose daughter was kidnapped and the circumstances surrounding the child’s disappearance.

This book has touches of romance, mystery, and suspense. The book also deals with family secrets, grief, loss, kidnapping, and second chances. I enjoyed this book. It took a little bit of time for me to get into this book, but once grabbed, this book kept my attention. There is nothing really graphic or hardcore in this book, so it should appeal to a wide array of readers.

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