Finding Claire Fletcher

Finding Claire FletcherFinding Claire Fletcher (Claire Fletcher & Detective Parks Mystery #1) by Lisa Regan
Published by Sapphire Star Publishing on December 6th 2012
Pages: 430
ISBN: 1938404181
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Sacramento Police Detective Conner Parks begins a desperate mission to find the woman he spent the night with after meeting her in a bar. She has left behind her name and an address. He knows that he MUST see her again and decides to track her down, only to learn that the woman, Claire Fletcher, has been missing since she was fifteen years old.

Claire was kidnapped and re-named Lynn by her captor. She has been terrorized by this man for the last ten years. Every once in a awhile, she makes contact and gives her name and her parents address, with the hope that they will know she is still alive.

This book show’s Connors search for Claire and Claire’s life with her kidnapper from when she was kidnapped to the present day. Some may wonder, how she was able to leave and spend the night with Connor, how does she have a part time job working with animals, and why hasn’t she gone home? The book explores these issues and the rationale behind Claire staying with her captor.

This book does not disappoint but it is not going to be for everyone. There are tough issues going on in this book and tough scenes to read as well. For some there will be triggers. Lisa Regan is off to a great start with this book and in my opinion, book two was even better. Not only is this book well-written, it evokes feeling and is thought provoking. Regan is just getting geared up. Having read several of her books, I proudly state that I am a fan of her work. In many ways, Lisa Regan reminds me of Karin Slaughter. She writes gritty mysteries and is not afraid to show the brutality of crime and the ins and outs of police investigations. Her characters are flawed and feel as if they are real people. I look forward to more books by Regan in the future.

This was a riveting page turner that had me glued to my seat and clutching the pages. If you have not read Regan before, start here or with her Josie Quinn series. She doesn’t disappoint!


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