FaithlessFaithless (Grant County, #5) by Karin Slaughter
Published by Dell on July 25th 2006
Pages: 549
ISBN: 0440242916
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Jeffrey’s sins of the past come back to stir up trouble between him and Sara. AS they walk around a lake and discuss their recent lack of intimacy, Jeffrey trips on something. As it turns out that something is sadly a young women in a box that had been buried in the ground. She has not been dead for long and Sara and Jeffery quickly start investigating her murder.

This book has many twist and turns which lead them to a secluded religious group that takes in runaways and parolees to work on their farm. The dead young woman is the daughter of one of the families. A strange family that closes ranks and does not really warm up to the idea of Sara and Lean being in positions of authority.

Secrets, abuse, and a twisted killer(s) fill the pages. This book was good mystery that continued the Grant County series which I have come to enjoy.


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