Everything Belongs to Us

Everything Belongs to UsEverything Belongs to Us by Yoojin Grace Wuertz
Published by Random House on February 28th 2017
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0812998545
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Two young women who come from opposite sides of the economic spectrum struggle to find their way in Seoul 1978. The pressure is on to succeed so that one can live a life of prestige, status, and wealth, because to fail means a life of poverty and being left in the dust.

Jisun and Namin are friends. Jimsun grew up wealthy. Her father is a successful business man and they live in a beautiful home and she is driven by a chauffeur. Namin grew up with parents who owned a food cart that they worked all day just to survive. Jisun wants to leave her privileged life behind to get involved in the underground activist movement. Namin wants to end her family’s poverty and she studies and works hard so that she can be a success and change all of their lives.

Then one day they meet Sunam (and his mentor Juno) a male student at the university. Everything changes for them. This book touches on intimacy, betrayal, coming of age, oppression, and relationships. This is all I will say about the plot.

What I will say is that this book took me forever to read. I just could not get into it. I would start it and then find another book to read. I just did not connect with the book especially in the beginning. Toward the later part of the book, it did pick up for me but not enough to warrant higher rating. Some reviews are saying this had a soap opera feel to it, I am not sure about that. I just could not get into this book.

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