End of Watch

End of WatchEnd of Watch (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #3) by Stephen King
Published by Scribner on June 7th 2016
Pages: 432
ISBN: 1501129740
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End of Watch is the end of the Bill Hodges Trilogy (Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, End of Watch). It is also the end of various characters from the books. I have to say I enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy more than I liked this book. Finders Keepers being my favorite in this book series.

Brady, the Mercedes Massacre killer, has been in a coma for five years. His Doctors do not expect any form of recovery. Boy, were they wrong. Behind that vegetative state his evil mind had woken up and began to plot and practice his evil skills. He has discovered that he has secret powers. Powers that he tries out on the hospital staff. As he practices his skill grows as does his desire to seek revenge on Bill Hodges.

Bill Hodges, is a retired police officer and hero of the other two books. He is currently running a detective agency with his partner, Holly. Holly is the one who hit Brady (Mr. Mercedes) in the Head thus landing him in the traumatic brain injury center. Soon Bill and Holly learn that “suicides” have been taking place Suicides that are linked to Brady, the Mercedes Massacre and Hodges himself. Soon, it is evident that Brady is back.

I enjoyed this final chapter but I did not love it. I thought it was good. I just wanted it to be better. I wanted more in the “showdown” in the end. But overall, a nice conclusion to the trilogy. I think most King fans will be happy with this book.


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