Don’t Let Me Go

Don’t Let Me GoDon't Let Me Go by Susan Lewis
Published by Ballantine Books on July 2nd 2013
Pages: 544
ISBN: 034554773X
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Received a copy of the book through Good Reads first reads giveaway.

I really enjoyed this book. I also liked that even though this was a follow up book, it did read like the first in a series to me. I felt there was enough background given that I did not feel like I missed anything in the telling of the story of Charlotte and Chloe and the rest of their family members. I found the characters to be interesting, well written and I felt for them. This book is ultimately about family and what it means to be a family, family roles, family secrets and what makes a family. This book is also about consequences and what happens when we act, even if our intentions are good and in someone’s best interest, there is a price to pay. The court case did not seem very realistic to me but the author was going for a happy ending.


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