Dead Woman Walking

Dead Woman WalkingDead Woman Walking by Sharon J. Bolton
on January 1st 1970
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I’m so happy I have already gone hot air ballooning as this book might have made me change my mind otherwise. Thirteen people are enjoying a hot air balloon ride as the book begins. Two of the thirteen riders are sisters, Jessica and Isabel. Jessica has treated her sister, Isabel to a hot air balloon ride for her birthday. The sisters are close even though Isabel is a practicing nun and they can only visit once a month. As the balloon occupants are enjoying their ride, they see something horrific on the ground – a man murdering a young woman. He notices the hot air balloon and tragedy ensues.

The beginning of this book is tense and full of suspense. I was on the edge of my seat as the people in the balloon tried to survive. What would be their fate? Who is the man on the ground? What will happen next? Will there be any survivors?

Over the next couple of hours/days, the action in the book dies down and things become less suspenseful. Detective Superintendent Ajax Maldonado has been called in to investigate the case. He determines that there is a missing survivor, but he is not the only one who knows about the missing woman. The man in the beginning of the book is also hunting the survivor. Who will find her first?

This book is told through the present day and through flashbacks. This may be a little confusing at first but read the chapter headings they will help a lot. One thing about this book, you may think you know what is going on, you may have made assumptions about certain characters and you may find that you are wrong. There are several sub-plots going here which initially may not make sense, but they all do come together in the end.

We are supposed to really care for the two main characters, but I have a confession…. I LOVED the nuns! They shined in this book for me. I did like the two sisters, but the nuns were a hoot and I loved their addition to the story. As the plot unfolded, there were some moments where I thought “Oh, come on!” and there were two huge plot twists which I did not see coming – at all. The first twist had me going back to an earlier section of the book to see if I could catch it and the other, I thought “Seriously!?!” and “well, okay”. What it came down to for me was suspending some disbelief and just going with it. I also like the idea of going into this book knowing as little as possible. I think that will make the one reveal even more shocking.

I enjoyed how she wove her plot and used issues that are faced in the world today. This is a 3.5 star read for me (I always round up on my half-starred reviews). There were some slight things that bothered me (can’t say without giving spoilers) but overall, I found this to be an enjoyable book which entertained and kept my attention.


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