Crook’s Hollow

Crook’s HollowCrook's Hollow by Robert Parker
on January 1st 1970
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Crook’s Hallow should be a quiet little town located between Manchester and Liverpool. It’s a small town really, the kind where you either know everyone or you are related to them. The kind of town where everyone knows your name (and your business). This can be a good thing, and this can be a bad thing.

For Thor, it is not a good thing. Someone is trying to kill him. He has no idea why. True, he is basically estranged from his family, but he still has family members who speak to him. He is the youngest member of his family’s farming community who has been left a portion of land. Land is a hot commodity and there are unscrupulous land developers circling the property.

Several attempts have been made on Thor’s life leaving him with a lot of questions as to who would want him dead. He questions some people in his community who he believes could have a beef with him but comes up empty. Not only does Thor have disgruntled family members, the Crook family have been his family’s rivals for years, and he has managed to upset several of his peers. Could all of these be reasons enough for someone to want to kill him? Thor makes inquiries, but the locals are not too helpful in helping him discover who is trying to kill him and why.  One would think that in a small town, with all of the knowing of each other’s business, that Thor would learn the truth faster. But small towns do hold their secrets.

The premise of this book sounded good: rivaling families, estrangement, family issues, enemies, etc. This was the case of it is me not the book. I find that with mysteries, I prefer them to be a little more raw and gritty. I cannot fault this book (or the Author) for anything here.

This book has some twist and turns and a big reveal which will shock and please most. This is not a cozy mystery, but it is not a raw or gritty one either. The writing is solid, and the plot unfolds at a very nice pace. This is not a long book and proves to be a fast read.

Thank you to Black Rose Writing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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