CriminalCriminal (Will Trent, #6) by Karin Slaughter
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 448
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I know I am most likely in the minority here, but this book was just okay for me. It did not move as fast as previous books in this series. Plus, I wanted more of Will and Sara.

This book does give us a lot of information on the back stories of several characters: Amanda, Evelyn and Will. We, the reader, are shown how Amanda and Evelyn started their careers as police officers. How their friendship evolved, how the investigated their cases, what it was like to be a woman officer in the Seventies. We also learned more about what happened to Will’s Mother and of course, his father.

The book begins when female college student goes missing. Amanda tells Will he is not on the case and to stay away. Perplexed, he agrees and takes Sara on a walk to show her where he grew up in an attempt to open up to her, unexpectedly he runs into Amanda at his own group home.

The past and present collide in this book. I think the information provided is important but it just did not hook me as much as the previous books did. I am thankful for the backstories but this book just wasn’t a page turner for me. Liked it – didn’t love it.

I’m still going to dive in the next book in the series!


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