ConfessConfess by Colleen Hoover
Published by Atria Books on March 10th 2015
Pages: 306
ISBN: 1476791457
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People have secrets. WE all have secrets but what would happen if you confessed.

In the beginning of the book Auburn Reed is a 15 year old teenager in love with her dying boyfriend. She has been staying with his parents to spend more time with him as the end draws near, but she has been missing high school and needs to return home.

Jump to the present day. Auburn desperately wants to make more money. She is employed as a hair stylist but needs to bring in more income – the reader is not informed why. She sees a sign in an art gallery’s window and ventures inside to inquire about the job. There she meets the artist and gallery owner, Owen Gentry.

Owen’s unique from of art is based on confessions. People write their confessions on pieces of paper and drop them in a box anonymously. Owen reads them and then creates art based on the confessions. Auburn is immediately drawn to the art work as wells as the artist himself. Owen is drawn to Auburn and doesn’t mention that he has seen her before.

Auburn’s one night of employment turns into so much more for both of them. Through the course of the novel, confession is a theme. Both have their secrets that are ultimately uncovered over the course of the book. Secrets that could cause harm. There is harm in keeping the secrets “secret” and there is harm in confessing.

There are some revelations I did not see coming and some twists and turns. I enjoyed the story. This was a fast read for me. One can easily read this book in one day. I always like when I am not able to figure things out entirely. I like to be surprised. There were some red herrings and as they say “they went right over my head.” Overall this was an enjoyable read. I found the main characters to be likable and I rooted for them to get their heads out of their asses and be honest already. Honesty is, as the say, the best policy.


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