Cecelia Dowdy

 Sweet Dreams

Cecelia Dowdy

You have written a Bakery Romance Series. Do you have any aspirations to write a cookbook?

As of now, no, I don’t have aspirations to write a cookbook. However, I must mention this – I had several people to say that my writing makes them hungry and that they wished I’d include recipes at the end of my books. So, I’m in the middle of revising my books to include one recipe at the end. Hopefully, this will pacify my readers! 🙂

Are you a baker in your daily life?

I bake occasionally. Usually holidays and such. I used to bake more often when I was younger and did not have to count calories as I do today!

What is your favorite dessert?

I don’t have a favorite! There are so many tasty desserts out there! I love decadent chocolate desserts! I also love the taste of vanilla….Chocolate cake, vanilla cookies (sprinkled with sugar) are just a few of my favorites. I also love a good pound cake made with real butter!

What made you use your faith in the writing of your books?

When I first started writing, a couple of decades ago, Christian fiction did not exist (at least, not to the magnitude that we have today). I wrote secular fiction, but, had some critique folks to ask me if I was writing a Christian book. I researched it and discovered that Christian fiction existed, but, it was new at the time. I felt my stories would be a good fit for the Christian fiction lines since my faith is just a natural part of who I am!

I see that you have traveled a lot in your life. What is (or has been) your favorite destination/vacation?

I love warm, tropical beaches. I really loved Tahiti and Grand Cayman! So pretty!

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

I guess ideas come to me as I go through my everyday life? Sometimes I’ll hear or see something that resonates with me. That kernel of an idea will sprout into a story eventually.

What is your writing routine?

I work full time. So I get most of my writing done on weekends and some evenings. I also take vacation time from my job and use it for writing when I’m up against a deadline.

What Author has influenced you the most and why? I’m not sure?

I’ve been reading since I was a kid, but, not sure if an author influenced more than others, per se.

What made you want to be an Author/Writer?

I’ve always loved reading! When I was on my lunch break one day, I’d forgotten to bring my book to read. I started writing. I’ve been writing ever since. My writing journey started over twenty years ago.

I love the book cover for your bakery series books. How do you come up with them?

My book covers were designed by Elizabeth Mackey (http://www.elizabethmackeygraphics.com/) It was an interesting journey coming up with the covers. Since I was commercially published (before The Bakery Romance Series), designing a book cover was a new experience for me. I spent a week on Amazon, searching through book covers. Whenever I saw a cover that I liked, I’d save it so that I could show Elizabeth the style of cover I was seeking. When I approached Elizabeth to help design my cover, I had some ideas as to how the cover should look. She was then able to develop a cover that was appealing. I told her that I wanted a cupcake on the cover, too! 🙂

When you are not writing or spending time with your family, what are your hobbies?

Reading and watching television. I love watching old TV shows, occasionally I watch Hallmark movies, and some other shows, too.

Do you plan on writing in other genres besides romance and if so what genres are of interest to you?

I might branch into YA eventually. However, if I ever find the time to do that, I’d imagine my YA books would have a romance thread in them!