Blood Memory

Blood MemoryBlood Memory (Mississipi #5) by Greg Iles
Published by Pocket Star on December 1st 2005
Pages: 800
ISBN: 0743454154
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This is my second Greg Iles book. I really enjoy his writing and his way of telling a story. I love how the mystery unfolds/the case is solved, etc. like other reviewers, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the protagonist. Cat doesn’t come across as too warm or friendly but I don’t think she is meant to. Already emotionally and physically worn out. She is an alcoholic going through withdraw, pregnant with her married lover’s baby, on leave from her job she returns home to hidden family secrets(horrible secrets) and a crime. A great story about predator(s) and their prey. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Iles takes us on in Blood Memory. I will definitely be reading more of Iles in the future.


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