My name is Debra and I live in Los Angeles with my Husband and Son. I am a lifelong voracious reader. Reading, specifically books, have always been a passion of mine. It is rare to see me without a book (or my Kindle) near, close by or on me. I have a background in Psychology and Forensics. I hold 3 college degrees in Clinical Psychology and Criminal Justice. I also have a history of volunteering and working in School and Public Libraries. Recently I had various book reviews published in the Wellsboro Gazette via the Green Free Library’s weekly column.

I love reading and I love discussing books. I also love reviewing books. I started this blog with that sole intent.

My love of reading began at an early age. I grew up in a small town where the nearest mall was an hour and a half away. There wasn’t much to do so I turned to books. My hometown had a beautiful, historic library full of amazing and free books! I could not resist. Through books I was able to travel to distant lands, meet foreign cultures, learn about the world, and experience new things.