Big Little Lies

Big Little LiesBig Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
Published by Berkley on July 29th 2014
Pages: 460
ISBN: 0399167064
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What I like about this book is how the stories of the three women/Moms (Jane, Celeste, Madeline) in this book are told. Jane is taken in by Madeline and Celeste at first but an incident may serve to tear them apart.

Jane is a young Mother who gets mistaken for being her son’s nanny and not his Mother. Jane has a secret and has secret fears about her son. She gets a job and is working hard at creating a life for them.

Celeste is a beautiful woman and mother of twins. She and her husband are seen as the couple who have it all. But do they really have it all? What secrets are they hiding?

Madeline is a divorced Mother whose ex-husband and his new wife have moved back to town and their daughter is in the same grade as her daughter with her ex-husband. Messy, very, very messy.

There are HUGE themes in this book: bullying, cheating, rape, domestic abuse, etc. but Moriarty pulls them off with grace and the book still maintains it’s light easy flair. Even with heavy themes this is a very readable book. I devoured it. I really like how Moriarty writes. It is not something that I can put my finger on but her way of storytelling really engages my senses. I can read her words and see the story happening in my mind. I really like her books.

In this book, the women form a friendship but bullying and secrets are exposed. Things come to a head where all secrets are revealed at a party. There are some twists, turns and revelations. This is a great beach read!


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