Between You and Me

Between You and MeBetween You and Me by Susan Wiggs
Published by William Morrow on June 26th 2018
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0062425536
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Susan Wiggs writes about family, community, love, and tackles real life issues in the process.

Caleb Stoltz vowed to take care of his dying brother’s two children. This meant he had to return to his Amish roots and raise them within the Amish community in Middle Grove, Pennsylvania. Years earlier, Caleb had left the Amish way of life to attend community college and chase his dreams. He works hard on his farm and enjoys life with his niece and nephew and seldom thinks about his life outside of the Amish community. When tragedy strikes, and he makes the decision to have his nephew airlifted to a hospital for medical care, he is thrust back into urban life. At the same time, he faces disapproval from his father, Asa, for placing the injured boy on a helicopter.

Dr. Reese Powell is working at the hospital when Caleb’s nephew Jonah is brought in. Her parents are successful doctors and hope that one day she will join their medical dynasty. She is intrigued to see someone from the Amish community in the hospital. She answers his questions tries her best to make him comfortable.

When the danger appears to be over for his nephew, Caleb finds that he is also intrigued by Reese and enjoys answering her many questions. Coming from two different backgrounds, they form a friendship. Reese does not know much about the Amish way of life and as Caleb educates her, the reader is educated as well. Reese also gets to meet Caleb’s niece, Hannah, who is hiding a secret.

Two different worlds collide in this book and I enjoyed reading about the Amish community. This book dealt with issues such as abuse, shunning, physical rehabilitation, acceptance, following your dreams and your heart. Her characters are faced with cultural/religious issues such as respecting someone’s wishes against receiving medical treatment when it goes against his/her beliefs. The reader also witnesses what can occur when someone does something that goes against their community’s rules. As in her other books, Wiggs stresses the importance of family and friendship. She also addresses what it means to have a duty to your community, keeping your word, and observing traditions.

I enjoy Susan Wiggs books. Her characters feel as if they are real life people and are faced with real situations. Her books are well written and prove to be fast reads for me. I enjoy books that not only entertain me but educated me. This book did both.

Wiggs books are also light on the romance. There are no graphic sex scenes or language. You know if her characters have sex, but she doesn’t go into much detail. I know some enjoy her lighter touch to romance.

Overall, an enjoyable read!

I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss and William Morrow in exchange for an honest review.

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