Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her EyesBehind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
Published by Flatiron Books on January 31st 2017
Pages: 306
ISBN: 125011117X
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This is how you write a psychological thriller!!!!! Holy Hell! I DID NOT SEE that ending coming. Please, Please, Please, READ this book but do not read ahead!!!! Do not peek (or scroll) to those last remaining pages, Don’t spoil it for yourself. I LOVE when a book can take me by surprise. I read A LOT and when a book can pull off a Mind Fuck like that – I love it!!!! First off, this book grabbed me from page one and did not let go and by then end I was excited – not sure if this is correct. I was elated that this book totally blew me away.

Louise is a single Mom who does not have much excitement in her life. I wanted to whisper in her ear for her to strap herself in because things are going to get real interesting real quick. She goes to a bar one night and meets an interesting man, David. It is not like her to flirt but they hit things off instantly and they shared a passionate kiss. Finally she has meet someone!

Her excitement is dashed when her new boss starts work the next morning and she quickly learns that her new MARRIED boss is David, the man from the bar with whom she felt an instant connection. Embarrassed they both acknowledge what happened between them and agree to have a professional working relationship.

But then, Lousie runs into (literally and physically) David’s elegant and beautiful,wife, Adele. To make things even more complicated she also feels a connection to Adele. Adele and Louise become friends. It appears taht both women have sleep issues and helps cement their bond. Louise really enjoys their friendship. Adele seems to really enjoy Lousie’s friendship.

Talk about being torn, Louise can’t keep her eyes and not her hands off David. David can’t keep his hands off Louise. David and Adele clearly have a strained and toxic relationship. David, who seems so warm and loving to Louise, is controlling and hostile to Adele. Adele seems fragile and afraid of David.

As Lousie attempts to have a relationship with both – without the other’s knowledge – it becomes obvious that not everything is as it seems. Who is telling the truth? Something is very, very wrong in David’s and Adele’s marriage. What will happen when the “truth” comes out?

I thought I knew what was happening and how the book was going to end. Boy, oh boy was I shocked. Not everything or everyone is as they seem. Just when I felt I know what was happening, the Author picked up the plot and shook it up a couple of times. There are parts where the reader needs to suspend disbelief. Things get a little out-there in a metaphysical sci-fi way. But DO NOT let that stop you.

I would not have picked up this book if not for a book club challenge (thank you KUYH). I LOVED this book. It was my first book by this Author and it will NOT be my last.

I HIGHLY recommend this book! Books like this one are why I love reading so MUCH! The suspense was spot on. This was a delightfully dark page turner for me.


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