Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris
Published by St. Martin's Press on August 9th 2016
Pages: 304
ISBN: 1250121000
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How well do you really know your friends? Do you believe everything you see? Is anything ever seem to be just too perfect? Can someone really be the perfect spouse? Have the perfect home? The perfect party?

Do you really know what goes on behind closed doors? Well, we the reader do know everything that goes on behind closed doors in this book. Grace meets Jack while she is in the part with her younger sister who has Down Syndrome. He is a caring attorney who defends victims of domestic abuse. Grace and Jack connect right away and decided to get married after 6 months of dating. Jack wants them to have the perfect life in the perfect home so Grace quits her job prior to their marriage to prepare for their new lives together.

Right after she says “I Do” she learns that she has made a big mistake – a HUGE one in fact. This is where the terror begins for her and will one day begin for her sister.

I found this book to be very readable as in I couldn’t put the damn thing down as I wanted to know what in God’s green earth is going to happen next. Will Grace escape? Will Jack go completely psycho? Will Millie ever move in? Will their friends ever notice that Jack and Grace are always together. Grace never does anything by herself.

I loved how the book went back and forth with the “Present” and “Past” chapters. I found that this book flowed at a really nice pace. It is very easy to hate the bad guy and root for the victim. There are parts where one has suspend disbelief. Will no one believe this woman? Is he so convincing that he could make everyone believe she is mentally fragile? Apparently so in this book. But there is that one character who seems to wonder….hmmmm…what is going on here?

Enjoyable fast read!


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