Any Day Now

Any Day NowAny Day Now (Sullivan's Crossing, #2) by Robyn Carr
Published by Mira Books on April 18th 2017
Pages: 384
ISBN: 0778319911
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Received from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Sierra Jones has come to Sullivan’s Crossing in an attempt to hide out and leave her past troubles behind her. She is given the opportunity to re-connect with her older brother, Cal and meet his wife Maggie. She is hoping to get back on her feet while maintaining her sobriety. She quickly makes friends with those in town and becomes close friends with Sully (Maggie’s father) who takes her under his wing and gives her good advice and guidance. She also meets the handsome Connie (Conrad) who is kind, brave and sensitive.

This book is the second in the Sullivan’s Crossing series but works very well as a stand alone novel. What is nice about Robyn Carr’s writing, in particular, her series is that she always brings in the characters from the previous books. The reader really gets a feel for the community and gets to see character development not only in the current book they are reading but in future books as well.

It was refreshing to see how Sierra was portrayed as brave and spunky while at the same time being vulnerable and tentative in approach to others. It was nice to see her come out of herself and begin to trust and confide in others. Until she ultimately was able to face her past with strength and integrity. I also liked how her relationship with both Sully and Conrad progressed. Sully became like a father figure to her while Conrad slowly became her love interest. I liked how both she and Conrad interacted and related to each other.

Carr’s books feel authentic and real because her characters are “real” people in the sense that they are not billionaires falling in love with poor beautiful women. Her characters are firefighters, camp owners, bar owners, hair dressers, lawyers, etc. I believe that is why so many readers love her books. She writes about what the majority of people reading them can relate to:good hard working people who have flaws, who try hard, who struggle, who get back up when knocked down and form healthy relationships with others.

Like some of her books, there is more than one romance going on in her book. I only discussed one couple as they were the main couple in this book.

This book proved to be a fast read for me. Yes, it is a romance and the ending was somewhat predictable. Doesn’t everyone find “true love” in this books. But what really worked in this book is the journey to falling in love. Carr also packs her books with various themes while makes her book more interesting and entertaining.

I always complain, in reference to romance books that: 1. They all want to get married in the end…and often the books end abruptly. I liked that she included an epilogue in this book. So many times I wish romance books would do this and Carr did.


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