An Unnecessary Woman

An Unnecessary WomanAn Unnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine
Published by Grove Press on February 4th 2014
Pages: 291
ISBN: 0802122140
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I won this book through Good Reads first reads giveaway. Sadly, the book never arrived to my home (but I did move across country during the time it may have been sent). Having said that, I really, really wanted to read this book so I went looking and found it at my new library in Los Angeles. I am so glad that I went looking. This book really is delightful. I will admit, in the first couple of pages, I had my doubts. This book started slow for me. I found myself thinking do I really want to read about the musings of an older retired woman who translates a book every year only to put it store it away forever? Well, I found that as I stuck with this book, I really did want to hear her musings. This book is rich in beautiful writing, literary references (there are a lot) and details of a simple yet deeply feeling middle eastern woman’s sad and solitary life. I realize my review may not make this book seem appealing, so the best I can do is to encourage other’s to read this book, take a chance, read it slow, and with each page I believe you will see the beauty in the writing and the story.


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