Alternate Side

Alternate SideAlternate Side by Anna Quindlen
Published by Random House on March 20th 2018
Pages: 304
ISBN: 0812996062
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Martial Complicity and parking spaces are really the driving forces in this book. Nora and Charlie Nolan appear to have it all. They live on a dead-end street in a very stately home in New York City. On the outside they seem as though they have a good life – if only they could have that prized parking spot! Their children are older and are away at college, Nora and Charlie should be enjoying their time together – but then a violent incident occurs and rocks their tight knit happy little community. Which side do you take? What happens when your comfortably uncomfortable life begins to unravel?

UGH! Is this book well written? Yes, this book is very well written but my problem with this book is the fact that I just didn’t care. Yes, they had a dead-end marriage just as they lived on a dead-end street, but I just didn’t care that much about them to care about what happens to them. I do get the obsession with the parking spot. I have never lived in New York City, but I live in Los Angeles and know what a pain it can be to not be able to park where you live.

This is a book about not only the characters but a look at the “elite” and the people who work for them. About life in the city, daily observances on life, about a marriage, about a community, about a woman who seems ambivalent about her life and marriage. Is she happy, is she unhappy, is she angry, is she resigned that this is her life? I found this book to be slow – I am most likely in the minority on this book but it failed to wow me.

I received a copy of this book from Random House and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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