Almost Missed You

Almost Missed YouAlmost Missed You by Jessica Strawser
Published by St. Martin's Press on March 28th 2017
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1250107601
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Received from the Publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

While on vacation, Violet is enjoying a quiet moment on the beach while her husband takes their son up to the room for a nap. When Violet goes to meet them in the room, she sees that her husband, Finn, is gone along with their young son, Bear. Where could they be? Why did Finn take off with Bear? Weren’t they happy? Their life was perfect, wasn’t it?

Finn shows up on his friend Caitlin’s doorstep with Bear. He demands that she help him. The FBI is searching for him so he blackmails her into helping him hide. Does Caitlin help him? Does she risk a secret coming out in order to do the right thing?

The premise of this book was very interesting. A man kidnaps his son and leaves his wife with questions. Hunted by the FBI, he hides out. What really did not work for me where his reasons for leaving. I didn’t buy the whole story. So this guy can run and commits a federal offense by kidnapping his son because he couldn’t be honest with his wife. Why couldn’t this guy grow some balls already. I thought his reason for running was lame.

I did not find this book to be suspenseful. The secrets came out but by the end of the book, I just thought meh. I wanted to take Finn and shake him. I wanted to ask Violet how the hell do you speak to someone who took your child and put your through hell for a “secret” Good GAWD.

This was barely a 3 for me. I see a lot of people loved this book…not me.


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