After Nightfall

After NightfallAfter Nightfall by A.J. Banner
Published by Lake Union Publishing on August 7th 2018
ISBN: 1503900819
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Marissa Parlette appears to have it all in the beginning of this book. She is happy, has a good job and is in love. She and her fiancé, Nathan are hosting a dinner party to celebrate their engagement. Among the guest are Marissa’s childhood best friend, Lauren and her husband, Jensen. Lauren betrayed Marissa years ago in college and recently has been attempting to reconcile with Marissa and rekindle their friendship. But if she wants to rekindle their relationship, they why is she so openly flirting with Marissa’s finance Nathan in front of Marissa and her own husband, Jensen? Plus, Nathan’s brother, Keith and his wife, Helga are also in attendance as is Anna, Nathan’s daughter from his first marriage.

The dinner should be a happy one but is uncomfortable due to Lauren’s flirting, Anna’s non-stop texting and the tension and tears from Helga. When Lauren must leave to pick up her teenage daughter. Marissa walks Lauren out and Lauren informs her she has something to tell her about Nathan but is very cryptic and leaves. Geezz thanks for that! The party comes to a halt and everyone calls it a night. Or do they? Marissa took a sleeping pill but woke to see Nathan leave in the middle of the night. Where did he go and who sent him a text message?

The next morning, Marissa decides to clear her head and goes down to the beach where she finds Lauren’s body. Did she jump from the cliffs above? Was she pushed? Was she drunk and walked too closely to the edge? Devastated, she calls the police and thus begins the investigation. Tensions are high are the characters are all uneasy.

Marissa soon learns that several characters in this book have been keeping secrets and some have been lying to her. As the learns that truths about those in her life the reader also learns the truth about Lauren’s heartbreaking betrayal and the reason for their friendship coming to a screeching halt.

I read this book in one day and gave it the star rating I did because I could not put this book down! I had to keep reading to find out the truth. I wanted to know which characters were telling the truth and the ones who were so obviously keeping secrets – I wanted to know why. I loved how most of the people in this book could be suspects- a lot of characters in this book had a reason to dislike Lauren. I found this book to be pure enjoyment and it was fun to try and figure out whodunit.

There is a twist at the end and some may find the twist to be shocking while others may not. I wasn’t necessarily wowed by it but I wasn’t let down by it either. It did not have the HOLY CRAP! I- didn’t-see-that-coming factor that a lot of books have, but I found that it worked and brought things to a conclusion.

This book is perfect for summer reading! It doesn’t require much thought and the pace is fast. I lost track of time while reading this as I was so absorbed in the story. This book was a nice blend of women’s fiction and mystery.

Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange or an honest review.


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