A Year of Extraordinary Moments

A Year of Extraordinary MomentsA Year of Extraordinary Moments (A Magnolia Grove Novel #2) by Bette Lee Crosby
on October 16th 2018
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It’s all about the Relationships!

I have said this many time of Bette Lee Crosby’s books and it is true of this book. The relationships are what shine in this book (as well as the story). A Year of Extraordinary Moments is the second in the Magnolia Grove series and I highly recommend reading this first book (The Summer of New Beginnings) in the series first.

This book begins where the previous book leaves off. Tracy Briggs has finally gotten her act together. Her hearing-impaired son, Lucas, is enrolled at a wonderful school, and she is running her deceased father’s business with the help of her sister, Meghan. Tracy is looking forward to a new romance and happier life. Her sister, Meghan is happily married and helping her husband run his Veterinary office/business. She helps Tracy out with the family business from time to time and struggles with separating her father from the business.

It was wonderful to see the characters from the previous book and even better getting to know Alice Deluca who is the great-grandmother of Tracy’s son, Lucas. Lucas’s father Dominic continues to not accept responsibility for his son, but Alice is determined to know Tracy and her great-grandson.

The Author continues to tackle serious subjects such as Cancer, hearing impairment, single mothers, absent fathers, and loss with grace. Her stories focus on family and the relationships between all the family members and their romantic partners/spouses. Most of the characters in this book are extremely likable and I enjoyed reading their thoughts and motivations in the italicized sections. I enjoyed this book more than the first book in the series mainly due to the character of Alice. I loved her strength and dedication to family.

This book is heartwarming and pulled on my heartstrings. Pull up a comfortable chair, grab a glass of sweet tea, have the tissues handy, and immerse yourself into the world of the Briggs and DeLucas.

This book is also perfect for those who do not like excessive language or graphic scenes in their books.

Thank you to Bette Lee Crosby, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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