A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A Tree Grows in BrooklynA Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Published by HarperCollins Publishers on May 30th 2006
Pages: 496
ISBN: 0061120073
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I had heard of this book quite frequently, but for some reason or another never picked it up.

Then years ago, my book club decided to read it. What a Joy! What a Pleasure! I loved reading about this young girl who loved to read as much as I did. How I could relate to her love of going to the library and finding that special book – that treasure! Thus, this book became my treasure. It holds a place on my favorite book list!

Francie Nolan is a very poor young girl living in the slums of Williamsburg. Her father is an alcoholic who breezes in and out of their lives. But in Francie’s eyes he is a prince. Children often do not see their parent’s flaws or perhaps they have the gift of overlooking. She has her father’s heart and desperately tries to capture the heart of her hardworking, often harsh, Mother. Her life is rough. She is a girl who loves to look out her front window on Saturday nights, who loves the chalk and short pencils brought home to her. She finds pleasure in the things she can, while enduring hardships such as no or little heat, lack of proper food, loneliness, assault and loss. She has an interesting Aunt who always has a “boyfriend” My grandmother would call her a harlot. I would also call her loving and kind to her niece and nephew.

This book stirs the emotions of the reader. There is sadness in this book but there is also survival, hope, strength and determination. The character try their hardest. They are flawed, make mistakes, but always try to do the right thing.

Beautifully written book.


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