A Time of Torment

A Time of TormentA Time of Torment (Charlie Parker, #14) by John Connolly
Published by Hodder & Stoughton on April 7th 2016
Pages: 480
ISBN: 1444751573
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Charlie Parker is approached by a recently released convict, Jerome Burnel, who wishes to tell Parker his story. A sad, twisted story of a broken and tormented man. A man framed for a crime he did not commit and suffered brutality at the hands of his tormentors. Then Burnel disappears. This, in addition to Burnel’s story, peaks Parker’s interest.

Soon Parker along with his fellow investigators/friends, Louis and Angel begin to investigate the Cut. An area that is protects it’s own and has its own rules and ways of living. They are brutal and carry out their own justice. They serve the Dead King. Who!?! What!?!

Charlie Parker is a man with a past. This is the 14th book in this series but this book does stand up very well as a stand alone novel. One could very easily pick up this book and enjoy it without having read the previous books in this series. Having said that, the previous books in this series set the stage and give us history into Parker and his own sad past. He has a dead wife. A dead daughter and one living daughter (one very interesting living daughter). As always there are paranormal elements to this story. Connolly is a unique Author, in that he can make a fan out of those who aren’t fans of Paranormal books. Mainly because the paranormal elements are not the main players in the Parker series. They play an important and key part but yet they do not over power any other aspects of Connolly’s books. Connolly continues to have very good character development. I believe this is where the Author shines. His character development. He fills his books with interesting characters. The book was a little slow in the beginning but not boring. It slowly builds the tension as the reader is introduced to life in the Cut, the local sheriff, and Parker’s investigation.

I enjoyed this book. Solid storytelling.


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