A Perfect Obsession

A Perfect ObsessionA Perfect Obsession by Heather Graham
Published by Mira Books on March 28th 2017
Pages: 304
ISBN: 0778319873
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The body of a beautiful young woman has been found in a catacomb under a church (now nightclub)by a researcher/scientist and his interns. The woman turns out to be a model who has been missing for 2 weeks. Craig Fraiser, an FBI agent has been called in to investigate the case. Kieran Finnegan is his girlfriend and a criminal psychologist who has been asked to consult on the case. This is not the first time they have worked together, but this time Craig is scared since beautiful women are being murdered and Kierean is beautiful. When Kierean is not working as a psychologist she works at the pub she shares with her brothers. As it happens, The Church where the the missing model’s body was found, is located directly behind the Finnegan’s Pub.

As the investigation progresses it becomes clear that there are more victims and that the killer is close at hand. It is also learned that a member of the Finnegan family has a connection with one of the victims. Could he be a suspect?

I liked this book. I did not love it. I know I would have liked this book more if there were 1. The killers point of view. I think that would have been nice to have. Knowing what the killer was thinking, how he got his victims, motivation, thoughts on police investigation etc. 2. More clues about the identity of the killer. I like to be an arm chair detective and figure things out. These two things would have made this book so much better for me. There is romance (Craig/Kieran) in this book. We also get to see Kieran’s relationship with her brothers as well. I didn’t feel connected to any of the characters. None of them made me feel for them. This book is the second in the series but it does work as a stand alone book. But I wonder if I had read the first in the series would I have cared more about the characters? Nothing really wowed me or stood out for me in this book.

I received this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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