A Game of Ghosts

A Game of GhostsA Game of Ghosts (Charlie Parker, #15) by John Connolly
on January 1st 1970
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A Man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders.
– Lord Dunsany

Charlie Parker has been asked by Edgar Ross, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to locate a private detective, Jaycob Eklund, who has vanished. Eklund has been investigating a series of homicides and disappearances which have been linked to hauntings. Those who are not familiar with John Connolly’s paranormal mysteries may be scratching their heads and saying “huh?”. Connolly is a master of writing mysteries with paranormal elements that make sense, are chilling, often eerie, and yes, haunting.

As Charlie Parker, Angel and Louis begin to search for Eklund, his personal life continues to unravel, and he has been served custody papers by his ex, Rachel. Their daughter Sam is still young and has a special “gift” which we see more of in this book. She continues to have contact with Jennifer, Parker’s daughter who was viciously murdered along with her Mother (Jennifer’s Mother/Parker’s First wife.) The vicious murder of his first wife and daughter continue to haunt him. Parker is no stranger to pain and suffering. His daughter, Jennifer, continues to watch over him and provides what protection she can. Also looking over everything is The Collector. Series fans will enjoy seeing this character again.

Along with Louis and Angel, Parker meets with “Mother” and her creepy son, Phillip who had ties to Eklund. Eklund was hired by them and after he failed to make his monthly contact, they became “worried” and are interested in Eklund’s whereabouts. Parker is on their radar and he is on theirs but just how do they tie into the Brethren?

aaah yes, the Brethren with their sick and twisted relationships. They are in this world and in the next. It’s the plight of their family and their deepest secret which they want to remain a secret. Parker is getting close, what will they do to keep their secret(s) safe?

This book is the 15th in the series and I would not advise reading this as stand-alone novel. Of course, one could do that, but the beauty of this series is the character development/evolution of characters, the ongoing personal issues of Parker and the continuation of his story. I would advise those interested in this series to go back to the beginning. It’s worth the time of effort. My first Charlie Parker book was “The wolf in Winter” and I have been a fan ever since. After reading that book as a stand alone novel, I read some of the earlier books and have continued to be a fan.

I do not feel that “A Game of Ghosts” was the best book in the Charlie Parker series, but it is a nice addition. As I previously stated, I think John Connolly is a master at writing mysteries with paranormal elements. His books are well written, well thought out, perfectly paced and entertaining. Connolly often has various plots going at once, there is great character development, and dialogue. His books are eerie, chilling and dark while at the same time being intelligent, witty and entertaining.

As long as Connolly keeps writing this series, I will keep reading!


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