A Double Life

by Flynn Berry
Published by Viking three-half-stars

Thirty years ago, while Claire and her baby brother slept, a brutal attack took place in their home. An attack that left a young woman dead and their Mother injured. Claire’s father’s car was found abandoned with blood on the interior of the car. Her Mother, who was wounded in the attack, always stated that Claire’s father was in the home that night. Her father’s friends painted a different picture stating that Claire’s father was innocent, and that Claire’s Mother was the unstable one. Claire’s father has been missing since that night, leaving so many questions unanswered.

Throughout the years, Claire has been contacted by the Police to inform her that her father has been sighted in various locations. None of them ever seem to pan out. He appears to have vanished. Claire and her brother have new names and no one in her current life know that she is the child of a notorious murder suspect except for one friend.

When she receives news that her father may have been sighted again, Claire decides that enough is enough. She wants to know the truth. She has been watching his friends for years. Could they be a link to her father? Is her father innocent? Is her father a killer? Will she ever learn the truth?

This is a psychological thriller about one woman’s search for the truth. It’s also about class, lies, secrets, living a double life, and of course, the search for the truth. This book is well-written and nicely paced. I found that the more I thought about this book, the more I enjoyed it. It does make one wonder; how would you react/feel if one of your parents was accused of a horrible crime and you never see them again. How would this affect you and your life?

I received a copy of this book from Viking and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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