A Beautiful Place to Die

A Beautiful Place to DieA Beautiful Place to Die by Samuel Bigglesworth
Published by Samuel Bigglesworth on October 27th 2018
Pages: 199
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A Beautiful Place to Die is a collection of short stories featuring characters of all ages and in various settings, and life circumstances in or near Manchester, England. Short story collections are often hard for me to rate as they contain many stories and while some may hit the mark there will be some that don’t. For the most part, I enjoyed all the short stories in this collection to varying degrees. My two favorites were “Where’s Amit?” and “The Watcher Woman”.

This book deals with the human condition and as the title suggests most of the stories deal with death, being close to death, having an illness, etc. The Author tackles these subjects with ease and care. The short stories providing the reader with brief glimpses into the lives of others. Most will enjoy the nice mix of characters in all stages of life and the Author made a point to have an almost equal balance of female and male protagonists.

In the past, I would become frustrated with short stories as I found many ended just while I was getting interested in them. Over the years, I have found that I am enjoying short stories more and more. In some of these stories I did want to know more but also appreciated how the Author took a short span of time and told his story within those limited pages. In some of the stories, I definitely wanted more which is a compliment as I was really enjoying the story. In most of the short stories the characters are tackling morale issues, deciding between right and wrong. I enjoyed how these issues were presented, specifically in “Where is Amit” a nurse is caring for a woman with Alzheimer’s. The woman is confused and scared. I thought the Author did an excellent job depicting the woman and her symptoms. He also showed how two staff members had differing styles/ways of taking care of her – one respectful and one rude. The stories are heartfelt, have some humor and some are on the darker side.

Short story fans should check this book out!

I received an ARC of this short story collection from author in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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